Photo Gallery

Shkayla 2008

Shkayla Bridge House Theatre 2015

With Joe O'Donnell Acoustic Festival of Britain 2011

With John Etherige and Interplay 2016 International Jazz Festival

Shkayla 2017 Godiva Festival

Shkayla 2013

Shkayla 2017

National Forest Folk Festival 2012

91db 2010

91db Warwick University 2009

With Rik Mayal at the Ricoh Arena 2010

Standing in on bass for Duke Keats 2022

MORLeY HAYDeN HAINeS before our set at the 2009 Guinness Cork Jazz Festival.

Cooking up the 'Atzmob' with Blockheads saxophonist Gilad Atzmon 2015

With Grace Jones after a 91db set 2007

With Soweto Kinch 2010

With Rob Halligan BBC1 Songs of Praise 2011

Shkayla Acoustic Festival of Britain 2011

Warwick Folk Festival, Bridgehouse Theatre 2012

Solo guitar at Lindhu Festival 2013

Solo Guitar Warwick Arts Centre 2010

Solo Bass 2010

91db taking a moment 2010

'Cuba' at the Music in the Sun Festival 1999

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